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Best Electric Fishing Reel For Deep Drop in 2020

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start and prepare for the new fishing season. When most fishermen prepare their gear, they often look down on the reel. But they are as important as any other equipment you will prepare for your journey. So now it’s time to help you out with picking a reel for another type of fishing, which you can enjoy while in the sea or in the ocean. Without further ado, let’s start with the reviews of the best electric fishing reel for deep drop fishing in 2020.

Our Picks For The Best Electric Reel For Deep Drop Fishing

Benefits of Electric Fishing Reels

Before we present to you our list of best electric fishing reels available on the market in 2020, we should first point out what are the benefits of buying an electric reel for fishing.

Extra Power

Extra Power is something you will definitely find in an electric reel. Usually, these fishing reels have the option to alter and adjust the power thanks to their Amazing Drag System. This helps you if you encounter a larger fish that decides to pull up a fight. If you enjoy this type of meeting, don’t worry. This won’t kill your enjoyment. You will still feel the struggle to catch the fish, but it will make your life a little bit easier. Think of it as an extra hand from a friend, that is helping you pull, just like in the movies.

Extra Speed

Extra Speed is another great feature that is built in the Drag System we mention and goes hand-to-hand with the adjustment of the power. This is all done so you can retrieve back the rig without any effort. But don’t worry. You will feel the same thrill you feel when using any other reel.

Measuring Line Length

Measuring line length is the key feature of the electric reels that make them the best for deep drop fishing. Most of the electric reels nowadays have as much line as you want. You can set the line with the perfect length for you and your target catch. That, together with the built-in Drag System, leads to one great conclusion: Electric reels are really easy to use.

Best Electric Fishing Reel For Deep Drop in 2020 – Reviews

Now that we know what we should search for, we are presenting you with our list of the best electric reels for deep fishing that you can find on the market in 2020.

Daiwa Tanacom Power Assist Reels

Daiwa Tanacom Power Assist Reels for deep drop fishing

We are starting our list of best electric reels for deep drop fishing strong with Daiwa Tanacom. It is one of the most, if not, the most famous name on the market when it comes to electric reel.

Everything you search for in an electric reel you will find in Tanacom. It’s pretty easy to use, so it makes it perfect for beginners as well. The maintenance is also not complicated.

Tanacom is perfect in every single way. This electric reel can be used not only for deep drop fishing but for kite fishing as well. And if you think that’s not enough, Tanacom has its own jigging function, which means you can jig with it as well.

Daiwa Tanacom has its own unique LCD Display. Besides the jugging function, there is also an automatic stop feature. There are speed and power adjuster as well as a manual winding option and many more cool features.

Tanacom by Daiwa is like a totally different breed compared to other electronic reels, and if we had to pick the best electric fishing reel, we would probably put the crown on this one. But don’t let this fool you. Our other choices are also amazing and you might just find a better electric reel that suits you better.

Banax Kaigen 1000 Electric Reel

Banax Kaigen 1000 Electric Fishing Reel

Our next pick in the list of best electric reels for deep drop fishing is Banax Kaigen 1000. This is another fantastic product with many features and many great reviews of fishermen around the world prove it.

Banax knew very well what they wanted from their product – speed, power, and drag. And each of these components is impressive. Another great thing is the signal system this electric reel has. When it reaches its full length it beeps before it rolls up. Actually, this reel has a capacity of 800 m of 100 lb. braided line. It also has a 45 pounds maximum dragging limit. However, Banax does not recommend to use it for more than 20 pounds.

A really important thing to mention is the maintenance. The design of Kaigen 1000 makes it easily washable. Durability is also something you should not be worried about. The frame is made out of aluminum, thus making it really strong and can withstand problems like saltwater or damage.

Speaking about damage, unlike most other electric reels where the spool is made out of graphite, Kaigen has an aluminum forged spool. This increases its resistance. So you can be sure Kaigen 1000 will last longer and there are minimum chances of ever cracking.

Banax Kaigen 1000 is definitely a great choice and deserves to be on our best electric fishing reel list, as it might just be the most durable electric reel on the market. For this price, you won’t find a better reel on the market.

Shimano Beast Master 9000

Shimano Beast Master 9000

Next on our best electric fishing reel list is Beast Master 9000 by Shimano. And if i have to say only one thing about this electric reel is that it matches its name completely.

When Shimano first came with the idea of Beast Master 9000, they decided to make something that will make the fight vs the big fish as easy as possible. And they for sure delivered. It holds a maximum drag weight of 55 lb and the line capacity can go up to 2000 yards.

The design of the Beast Master is also remarkable. The reel is as strong and withstandable as it gets, especially the frame. The maintenance should also not be a problem. Actually, Shimano Beast Master 9000 comes with 12V and 24V compatible power cord. However, a drawback of this electric reel is that the screen controls and instructions are not in English.

A great feature we should mention is the built-in heat reduction system that Beast Master 9000 has. Electric reels are devices that sometimes may freeze or become too hot to touch, because of over-usage. If this happens, this may lead to problems with the reel later on. But Beast Master 9000 does not have this problem, as its Heat Free System II will cool it.

The powered battery of Beast Master 9000 can last for years and it is one of the best on the market. Shimano knows how to really make a ‘beast’ out of a reel and they did it. It would have been a crime if we speak about the best electric fishing reel and leave Beast Master 9000.

Shimano Force Master 9000

Shimano Force Master 9000

Another Shimano product makes an appearance in our reviews of the best electric reels for fishing. This time it’s Shimano Force Master 9000.

As you can guess by the names Force Master 9000 and Beast Master 9000 are somehow related. We can say they are like brothers since there are only slight differences between them. They are equal in size, both have the same drag range and capacity,

While Beast Master 9000 beats Force Master 9000 on power level, Force Master 9000 has a unique Hagane Body – arguably the best shaped electric reel for rods. And not only that. The relocation of the power connector is made so the angler can have the perfect and most comfortable palm grip.

If we exclude the colors, this is the overall difference between the two. Some people prefer Beast Master 9000, some Force Master 9000. But let me reassure you that you won’t be disappointed with either of them, as both deserve their selection on our list.

Considerations When Choosing Electric Fishing Reel


Just like all other electronic devices, brands are something we always look for. And the market has plenty of those if you know what you are searching for. To help you a little, the well-known brands, because of their exceptional work, are Shimano and Daiwa. And we are not going to lie, our list of the best electronic fishing reels for deep drop fishing is mainly based around them. After all, we want to help you pick the perfect gear.


When it comes to material, one thing is for sure. You need to think about durability. Most of the electric fishing reels are made of aluminum and extra materials like steel. There are always exceptions, but these are the most common materials you will see.

Something we should mention is that some electric reels are made of materials like carbon. This is important because it makes them lighter for their size. The positive thing about this is that the power and grip are increased, decreasing the flexibility which leads to better durability.

Saltwater or Freshwater

The difference between the electric reels for saltwater and freshwater is big, but some people don’t know it. They buy what grabs their eye or fits their pocket without doing research and later regret it. This is a mistake beginner and sometimes even advanced fishermen do.

Let’s compare the two, so we can see the difference. Saltwater is corroding metals way faster than freshwater. This leads to manufacturers to make the two electric reels from two different metals. The freshwater reel will corrode way faster when in contact with saltwater. If the freshwater reel is used in freshwater, as it should be, it will last a lot more time. Eventually, you will probably buy 1 or 2 new reels in time, just to have, before the first one corrodes. Saltwater reels have a special coating which helps them survive longer.

Another difference is the lines they are designed for. Saltwater electric reels are designed for heavier lines and fish than freshwater ones. You can use your saltwater reel in freshwater, but let’s be honest – you don’t need it there.

Last, but not least – the price! Because of it’s more durable metal and heavier line, you should expect by now that saltwater reels are more expensive than freshwater ones. Because of that, you can probably see some fisherman use their freshwater reel in saltwater. This is not a good idea since you will invest twice the money, once the freshwater reel corrodes and you have to buy a new one. You will learn from your mistake and you will probably go for a saltwater one this time, but when that time comes, you have already given more money than you should have.

Electric Fishing Reels Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, you need to do several things to keep it in perfect condition. Taking good care of your electric reel means you will be able to use it longer and this way you spend less cash.

Washing An Electric Fishing Reel

The first thing you should know about is washing. It is really important to know how to wash your electric reel – ‘What kind of water to use to wash it?’, ‘How hot should the water be?’, ‘Can you use chemicals?’, ‘How often to clean it?’ and so on. We are going to give you a detailed explanation of how to do it.

Before we start washing our electric reel, we need to be sure that the reel has completely cooled down. Now we are ready to start out maintenance. To wash the electric reel, you can use tap water. It’s better if the water is warm, but not too hot. 30 degrees is the max temperature you should use.

Now when we wash, one of the main things we should do is tighten our Drag. This prevents water from entering inside the body of the electric reel. You should wash every part carefully. Even though most of the parts are waterproof, don’t spend to much time washing them. From 5-10 seconds under tap water is enough.

After finishing, you should let your electric reel dry. Take the water off with a dry towel, then put the reel on the towel itself and wait. I recommend you do this after every fishing trip. This way the electric reel stays in perfect condition.

*NOTE: Always read the instructions before washing your electric fishing reel. Also, you should know that chemicals are definitely not recommended. The only thing you can use is something like Neutral detergent, but only when there is a lot of dirt. Don’t overuse it.

Greasing and Oiling

Greasing and oiling is the second thing you need to do, so you can keep your electric reel in good condition. Greasing is really important as it protects your reel from rust and corrosion. It repels dust, moisture, and dirt.

If you are wondering what grease you should use lubricate your electric reel with, just know that the brand that made the reel you chose definitely has it’s own grease and oil, which you can buy.

*NOTE: Always read the instructions before greasing your electric fishing reel. Never mix two different greases or oils. They may react to each other. This leads to hardening, which may cause the metal parts to corrode faster.

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