Best Squid Jigs for Squidding

Best Squid Jigs in 2020 – Ultimate Squid Jigging Guide

Nowadays, squid jigging or just squidding become very popular and we all know why. Spending the night fishing for squids is really fun and interesting. And, there is a huge chance of finishing with a delicious meal. However, the popularity of squid jigging could be easily explained also with the fact that this type of fishing does not require to break your piggy bank for equipment. You need a rod, reel and most importantly – well-performing squid jig. That’s why we prepared a review of the best squid jigs available on the market in 2020.

Our Picks For The Best Squid Jigs in 2020:

Of course, if you are squid jigging newbie there is a huge chance you will lose a few squidding lures during your first attempts. So, maybe you will go over quantity but not quality. And, we absolutely understand that maybe it is not worth investing in gears from some of the best squid jig brands listed above if you are a beginner. So here are a few cheaper sets of squid jigging lures in different colors, which are definitely a good starting point.

But, before reviewing the best squid lures in 2020, let’s see an interesting video:

Review Of The Best Squid Jigs In 2020

Yo-Zuri Squid Jig Ultra Lens Sinking Lure

Yo-Zuri Squid Jig Ultra Lens Sinking Lure

We are starting our list of best squid jigs with the Yo-Zuri Squid Jig Ultra Lens Sinking Lure, which is one of the most popular products of the well-known brand Yo-Zuri. This squid lure is perfectly balanced and has a precise lifelike swimming action. This calamari jig has a durable translucent body that ensures enticing holographic flash. The hooks are produced of high-quality materials and have the strength to fight larger squids.

Squid Jig Ultra Lens Sinking Lure has 3 ½ – inch length and comes in few different colors – blue, pink, green and luminous green. Based on the Yo-Zuri tests the pink squid jig is virtually invisible in the water.

Yo-Zuri Squid Mini Aurora Floating Jig

Yo-Zuri Squid Mini Aurora Floating Jig

Squid Mini Aurora Floating Jig is another great product of Yo-Zuri. This squid lure has great movement in the water due to its well-balanced and durable body with an internal luminous finish. Actually, it also features red feather pectoral fins and glow in the dark technology, which makes Yo-Zuri Squid Mini Aurora one of the best squid jigs on the market.

Yo-Zuri Squid Mini Aurora Floating Jig has a 2-inch length. So, it enables squidding when larger squids are not there or just not eating. Last but not least, this calamari jig is available in 3 different colors – luminous blue, luminous pink and luminous orange. And, they all perform really well in different circumstances.

Yo Zuri Squid Ultra Bait Aurora Sinking Jig

Yo-Zuri Squid Ultra Bait Aurora Sinking Jig

Here comes another product Squid Ultra Bait Aurora Sinking Jig by Yo-Zuri, which is Mini Aurora’s big brother. It has the typical balance and lifelike movement of Yo-Zuri squid jigs combined with an internal luminous finish and glow in the dark technology.

The length of this squid jig is 3 ¾ inches and it comes in 5 colors – luminous blue, luminous pink, luminous green, luminous orange and luminous purple pink.

What To Consider When Buying Squid Jigs

Best Squid Jig Color

Starting with one of the most important considerations when choosing a calamari jig – color. There is no right answer and it all depends on the circumstance and amount of lighting. It is a matter of testing different colors and finding which one is working well this night. If it is a dark night you can start your tests with red and blue squid jigs as they have relatively good visibility. For low light circumstances try with the orange, pink and yellow. And, for the cases when you see a full moon and an ample amount of light – try with green and yellow first.


Actually, the size of your lure is another important consideration. It is simple here – try to match the size of your squid jig with the size of your target catch and the average size of the squids in the school.

Squid Jigging Equipment

As we mentioned above squidding is not a type of fishing that required significant investments in equipment and gears, but there are some basic things that you will need. And, here are all important gears and suggestions for really good products that will get the job done.

Fishing Rod

squid jigging rod

Nearly every rod will work for squidding and you can use the rod you already have. However, you will feel most comfortable with a long and lightweight rod with fast action. Here are two very good options:

Fishing Reel

squid jigging reel

You should focus your attention on choosing a light saltwater spinning reel, preferably in 2500 or 3000 series. You just don’t need a larger one. If you are using a reel that is not saltwater resistant, try to rinse it with fresh water after finishing your squidding trip. Our suggestions here would be:


squid jigging line

Line and squid jigs are the most important gears for the successful squid jigging trip. You need a light monofilament or fluorocarbon line with 4 to 8 lb test that will allow free movement of the jig. Check these lines:



You know you will be squidding during the night so it is always a good idea to have a headlamp. Here are some very good options:

Squid Bucket

squid bucket

Maybe you have seen that most of the anglers have a bucket when they go out for squid jigging. It is really handy and enables you to easily unhook the squid and return your squid lure back to the water.

Warm Clothes and Rain Gear

rain suit

It is not something specific to the squid fishing, but still an important consideration. Always check the weather forecast before you go and try to prepare for the weather. Take warm clothes, fishing bib or rain suit.

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