Anglers Social Distancing & 5 Things to Do at Home

Fishing as Social Distancing & 5 Funny Things to Do At Home If You Self-Isolate

In the last few weeks and days, we are all seeing the raising fears from coronavirus pandemic. The states and provinces recommend people to work from home, schools are closed, restaurants are closed, events are canceled. I will skip the jokes about the toilet paper in the shop. So, social distancing is the new normal. But actually, it is not something new for the anglers.

Fishing as Social Distancing

Every angler knows how relaxing it could be to go to the nearest pond and to stay far away from the crowd. Just you and your fishing gear. And, to wait for your desired catch.

Actually, fishing enthusiasts are lucky with their hobby in these times. According to many health specialists, the risk of spreading the virus is significantly lower outdoors. Of course, you should still keep a distance from the other people. So, fishing could be really considered as a way of social distancing considering you are not going to overcrowded fishing spots.

However, during these days angling could be also an amazing family activity. You can take the kids and go fishing together. We are all complaining that we never have enough time for our favorite hobbies and family. Why not combine our hobby with a fun day for our favorite people? It is definitely better to go out and enjoy mother nature than staying home and watching Netflix.

Note: During the last few days everything changes at a really fast pace. So, please stay up-to-date and follow the recommendations of your local authorities. And, if they recommend avoiding outdoor activities or even restrict them, just follow the recommendations and restrictions.

Of course, a lot of people nowadays will prefer social distancing and self-isolation at home. And, not everyone is lucky to have a lakefront property to practice his favorite hobby. However, there are a lot of fishing related things to do at home in this case. Just check out the ideas below.

5 Fishing Related Things to do at Home During Self-Isolation

Fishing Gear Maintenance

Maintaining your fishing gear in good condition is very important, especially if you have invested a lot of money in it. The appropriate maintenance could increase the fishing reels and rods useful life significantly. However, in many cases, we don’t find enough time for cleaning and greasing our reels and rods. So while social distancing at home you will have enough time for this task.

Set Up Fishing Rigs for The New Season

Anglers Social Distancing & 5 Things to Do at Home
Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

In many cases, our fishing rigs can make the distinction between successful fishing trip and failure. And, now is the best moment to prepare for the new season. You will have enough time to create all the different fishing rigs you will need. You can also check for fishing rigs you didn’t know and work well in different environments and circumstances.

Read a Fishing Book

Fishing Book for anglers at home

Reading an interesting book while at home is one of the best things you can do. Why not read a fishing book that will inspire you for your next fishing trips?

Watch Fishing Videos

There is no fisherman who is not inspired when watching the big game fishing videos. And, when you are in self-isolation at home you will have the time for that. Actually, there are also plenty of fishing how-to video guides which could be really useful no matter if you are a beginner or experienced angler.

Prepare Fishing Gear Wish List

Anglers Social Distancing & 5 Things to Do at Home
Image by TheDigitalWay from Pixabay

“My biggest worry when I die is that my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it”. We have all heard that joke, but it perfectly right. Anglers love their hobby and always want to have the best gear needed. And, now you will be able to make a research, read reviews and choose the best fishing rod, reel or tackles for you.

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