Paddlers Social Distancing

6 Funny Things Paddlers Can Do At Home During Self-Isolation

We are all watching the news and seeing the raising fear from coronavirus pandemic. People with masks, no toilet paper in the shops, restaurants are closing, employees are working from home. Maybe one of the most popular phrases nowadays is social distancing and self-isolation.

But does it mean you will need to stay at home watching Netflix and eating snacks? Not exactly if you are kayaker or canoeist. Just think about all the paddling related things you didn’t have time for.

Actually, you will have plenty of time to spend on paddling related things that have never been the top priority. And, definitely, it will not be boring.

6 Funny Things Paddlers Can Do At Home During Self-Isolation

Paddling Gear Maintenance and Cleaning

Every seasoned paddler how important it is to maintain your boat and paddling gear in good condition. However, in many cases, we don’t have enough time to fully clean our precious vessel after every paddling trip. So now is a great moment to refresh your kayak or canoe

Another great idea is to check the fittings and bolts. You can also try waxing your boat with UV spray that will give your boat an extra UV-protection in the water.

You can find more tips on how to keep your yak in perfect condition here.

Upgrade Your Kayak

Do you need an upgrade to your kayak that you didn’t find time to do? It is your time now.

You can order online so many things now to improve your boat and make it more convenient for use. You can consider inserting accessories like kayak outriggers for additional stability, paddle holders, rod holders or carrying handles.

If you are skillful enough, you can even find in internet instructions and videos DIY how-to guides and make some of these accessories on your own.

Read a Paddling Book

Book For Paddlers Social Distancing

Reading books is an amazing activity. No matter you are staying at home, you are able to experience the emotions and imagine all the places described. So, choose a great paddling book and read it. It will definitely inspire you for the time after the social distancing.

Paddling exercises

It is now a really suitable moment to improve and train your skills. And, of course, the exercises will help you to keep yourself in good physical condition while staying at home in self-isolation.

Plan Your Next Paddling Trip

Photo by Toomas Tartes on Unsplash

What a great moment to make research for great places near you for kayaking and canoeing. Even more, you can research the best kayaking destinations that are not so close to your home. And, why not plan your next vacation with your family and friends. It is always good to stay positive and think about all the cool things we will do in the future.

Watch Paddling Videos

Nowadays, you can find a lot of interesting, extreme, fun and inspiring videos related to kayaking and canoeing to keep you entertained. Therefore, you can also watch some of the paddling technique guides and how-to guides available on Youtube and Vimeo. So, you can improve yourself during the social distancing and self-isolation period.

Final Words

These are our basic ideas for the paddling related things we can do while staying at home. In case other paddling related things come to your mind, please feel free to share them in the comments section. And, take care.

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