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10 Awesome Kayaking Apps for Every Kayaker in 2020

We live in an era where phones take a huge part in our lives. They help us with nearly everything we need. It’s hard to believe there is something you can’t do with a phone. And one of the many reasons for that is the apps that are being constantly developed and released. They are the main reason we spend so much time on our phones. And by reading the title of this article, you know we will look at the best kayaking apps to get on your phone. We are going to give them a review and tell you where you should be able to download them.

What kind of kayaking apps should we look for?

There are plenty of apps that can help your kayaking journey. Let’s take a look at the types of apps we may find useful.

GPS/Navigation Apps

We know very well how useful apps like this can be on the road, and with some tweaks, they can be as useful in the water, giving us a minute by minute updates.

Weather Condition Apps

This kind of apps is really important as they can give you important information about upcoming weather changes that may occur while in the water. You will know when to turn your yak around in case of an upcoming storm or a similar event.

Social Media Apps

If you are more of an adventurer and like taking videos and photos of your kayaking journey than you should definitely have one of these. And we don’t mean to have one just to collect likes. Applications like this can help other adventurers in choosing the perfect places to go kayaking or where to catch a specific type of fish they have been looking for.

Safety Apps

Professional kayaker or kayaking beginner, it’s always good to be sure you can be safe in every situation. Life is unpredictable. In this case, it’s great to have at least one safety app. These are applications that will help you survive in case of danger by giving you CPR instructions and inform you what to or not to do in certain moments.

Tracking Apps

This kind of apps can give you full information about your kayaking journey, which can be used as a personal journal or diary.

Fishing Apps

A lot of people use their kayaks for fishing and we can’t leave the anglers behind. Fishing apps are useful as they can give you information about the area around you, what fish you can catch, what gear you should get, what is the perfect bait, etc.

10 Recommended Kayaking Apps

1. Polaris GPS

Polaris GPS

The first application in our best kayaking apps list is Polaris GPS Navigation. This is by far the best GPS app you can find and one of our all-time favorite apps.

Polaris GPS Navigation has just too many things to offer for a simple GPS app. It has a trail record system, free marine navigations as well as Fishing GPS, which will provide you with fishing holes. There is a built-in GPS compass, as well as a magnetic one.

Polaris GPS is used by land-sea search and rescue teams, military personnel and many other people all around the world, because of its reliability and flexibility.

We can’t ignore the odometers, speedometers, chronometers, and altimeters in this app as well. And there are plenty of more features. Polaris GPS Navigation can be used OFFLINE without a problem. And the greatest thing about this app is that it’s absolutely free.

Cost: Free
Download it here: Google Play Store

2. Navionics Boating HD Marine and Lakes

Navionics Boating HD Marine and Lakes

Boating HD Marine and Lakes is another app that highly deserves to be here. The company behind it is Navionics Srl. They have made plenty of apps, starting and shutting them down, until the made the perfect one for all kayakers and boaters.

Everything about this app is significant. There are chart layers for offline use. The map that this app provides has extraordinary contour details. There are more than 2000 chart updates a day, making it one of the most accurate apps you can find.

I can’t ignore the auto-routing system, that provides and keeps track of your routes. All you have to do is to choose your starting and ending point, and the app will not only find you the best route but will calculate the route distance and fuel consumption if you are using a boat.

The app has a map highlighter if you want to look only at a specific place and of course, it has real-time weather charts and tides.

NOTE: One thing we should mention is that to have all the features we mentioned and more, you will need a yearly subscription, after the trial of the app expires.

Cost: Free trial period – 2 weeks
Download it here: App Store and Google Play Store

3. AccuWeather


The second app on our must-have apps list for kayaking is AccuWeather. It is a weather condition forecast application that will give you a full update on any changes in the weather. You will receive notifications if there are strong winds or storms on the way.

AccuWeather is another really detailed app when it comes to its features. You can follow almost every change during both day and night – the times of the sunrise and sunset, the temperature, real-time weather radar. The app has an accurate 2 Week Forecast with Rain Alerts in the area around you.

Another small, but great feature are the filtered updates. You can choose what notifications you want to receive, so you get just the most important information, without spam.

As an Android user, AccuWeather has always been a ‘friend’ before and during a journey, so from personal experience, I can recommend getting it.

Cost: Free
Download it here: App Store andGoogle Play Store

4. RiverApp


We couldn’t leave our kayaking apps list without RiverApp. This application provides all kinds of information, making it perfect for different types of kayaking – recreational paddling, whitewater kayaking or kayak fishing.

What makes RiverApp more special than any other similar applications is the fact it gets all the information from 28 different sources all around the world.

RiverApp offers you information about the flow and level of the water, map with runnable kayaking gauges and routes, water temperature, etc. And probably the most amazing thing is the fact that RiverApp displays all the conditions of the river – dangers, trees, etc. Plus you have customizable notification alerts.

Professional kayaker or not, this app will definitely become one of your favorites to use once you open it, especially if you kayak in rivers.

Cost: Free
Download it here: App Store and Google Play Store

5. Paddle Logger

We will continue the list of paddling apps with Paddle Logger. Built by paddlers for paddlers, this is one of those must-have apps that combines the use of 2 or 3 applications together.

Paddle Logger is basically a tracker and digital logbook that gives you full information about your kayaking trip. It shows the pace you have been going with, your current location, the time you have spent in the water since starting the app, the distance you have traveled, your routes and much more. There are extra features you can get as an in-app purchase.

Paddle Logger is very detailed and easy to use application. Another great feature that it has is that it can be connected to your Apple Watch. That way you don’t have to worry about bringing your phone in the water.

Paddle Logger is one of the best apps you can find for its purpose and its great user reviews prove that. Actually, it could be easily explained by the fact that the guys behind the app are dedicated to its development and improvements in the last 5 years.

Cost: Free
Download it here: App Store

6. Paddle Partner

Paddle Partner is another brilliant paddling app. Unlike most other GO-TO canoe and kayaking apps, this one can provide real-time navigation statistics both online and offline. It’s almost impossible to find other apps like this one.

Paddle Partner requires no phone reception for it to work, making it extra handy. And don’t worry. Despite this fact, Paddle Partner is as accurate as it gets. You will know your current and exact location at any time, the distance between your current location and starting point, the arrival time from destination to destination, your current paddling speed, overall statistical information on the trip and much more additional information that you may find useful. GPS Navigation is simply amazing. It shows all camping supply stores, food stores and outfitters on the supported paddling trail.

Note: Paddle Partner might be an incredible application, but it has its limitations, as it works only with specific paddling trails. So before you purchase it, check the description of the app to see which are the paddling trails.

Cost: $4.99
Download it here: App Store

7. Go Paddling

Go Paddling

Go Paddling is another app that shouldn’t be left behind. It is created by one of the biggest websites connected to paddling – Paddling.com

It shows you more than 25,000 paddling locations for canoes, kayaks, and boards. The launch points on the map include details posted by fellow kayakers who express their opinions and give useful information. You can also add new locations or comment on existing ones. You can add your own taken photos to a specific location as well.

What is also great about this application is the fact that it provides additional information about each destination like parking spaces, safety notes, fees, and facilities. The app is simple to use and gives you everything you need to plan a trip around you or at a specific location you want to go in the future.

Cost: Free
Download it here: App Store and Google Play Store

8. Tides Near Me

Tides Near Me

As you can guess by the name, Tides Near Me is app-based around tides. The application will show all nearby tide stations, as well as ones that are chosen by you for a certain location and their conditions.

Tides Near Me has amazing calculations, as it gives close to perfect predictions when it comes to showing the time of last and future tides. It shows the time when the sun and moon will rise or set. The tide table is fully automated, meaning this app is as easy to use as it gets and all you have to do is just turn it on.

Tides Near Me has become a must-have kayaking app for a lot of kayakers and anglers around the world. Not only does it have great reviews, but has been downloaded over 1 Million times on Play Store alone and is one of the highest-rated weather apps in the App Store.

Cost: Free
Download it here: App Store and Google Play Store

9. Paddle Ready

Paddle Ready

We just can’t leave Paddle Ready out of this list. The app is brought to you by U.S. Coast Guard and other Rescue Teams.

What makes Paddle Ready so special is that it maximizes your experience on and off the water. Like most apps here, Paddle Ready also shows you the weather conditions, tides, real-time environmental coverage of a river and so on. But this is not what makes it a must-have app.

Paddle Ready is like a station. This app can teach you everything you need to know to not only have a good trip but survive in case of an emergency. There are How-to videos and CPR instructions. It helps you with the right equipment for the current outside conditions. And one of the most important things – you can instantly call ACA or report accidents in a couple of seconds, in case something happens.

Paddle Ready also has an education section for beginners, where they can learn everything they need to know about kayaking, before going on their first adventure.

Cost: Free
Download it here: App Store and Google Play Store

10. FishBrain


If you are a kayak angler and love social media, then this is the right app for you. FishBrain is an extraordinary social media app for anglers, that also provides you with an exclusive real-time fishing forecast.

FishBrain is the Instagram for anglers. It’s used by millions of anglers all around the world and because it’s available on both App Store and Google Play Store, it’s the world’s largest social network and unity app for fishermen.

Since this is a social media app, as you can guess, you can post photos of your catches and also like and comment on other angler’s catches. You can also follow other anglers. But that’s not the only thing this app does. The app provides you with a map, showing all the places around you where you can go kayak fishing. Based on real-life catches around the world, it will recommend you the best baits to use. And last, but not least, it’s like your own personal diary, as it keeps a record of all your catches, your own personal statistics, the locations where you caught all your fishes.

Cost: Free
Download it here: App Store and Google Play Store


This concludes our list with fantastic apps that we think nearly every kayaker will like. If you are a professional kayaker or a beginner, we hope you find some of these apps useful. Of course, we will be happy if you share the experience you have or had with them in the comment section. And, if you use an app that we haven’t mentioned, feel free to share it with us, so we can look at it and add it to our list, so we can help others find it as well.

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